A French taste in the USA

About Les Butineuses

Whether it be a colorful necklace, a twinkle of an earring, or the beauty of a simple bracelet, Les Butineuses is for all ladies who are seeking the perfect complement for their outfit. Sourced direct from designers, in limited quantities, each piece offers a taste of France in the USA.

The story starts with a French lady in Switzerland who decided to follow her passion for elegant and delicate jewelry. With the support of her family and close friends, Veronique took the challenge to create Les Butineuses beyond her regular work and family activities. 

The inspiration of the name came whilst sat in the garden. Observing how bees would seek the most sophisticated flowers, this seemed to fit the challenge ahead of finding the most creative designers. Les Butineuses was born, a phrase meaning treasure hunters and often used to describe Bees.

Following a family move to Pennsylvania, Les Butineuses will now start again in 2017 in Pittsburgh, the city of Black and Gold. Colors reminiscent of the Bees in the garden that inspired the brand.

Bee a Butineuses!